watery eyes

Major diseases which affects the eyes of animals

Diseases affecting the cattle’s eye can reduce the milk production of animals. Eye disease in animals should be treated properly at the right time, otherwise affected cattle can become the victim of blindness. Find out here main diseases affecting the cattle’s eyes and their diagnosis:

Eye Wound:

Injuries or cuts in the eye of the animal becomes wound in the eye. If the injury is normal then add one spoon of boric acid powder in ½ liter of lukewarm water and wash the eyes of the cattle with this water solution properly, after that apply anti-biotic ointment like Gentamicin or Chloromycetin, this gives relief in the cattle eyes. If the injury is serious and the eye is damaged then it is necessary to consult a surgery expert and get the eyes removed.

Watery Eyes or Water flowing from eyes:

Sometimes the water flows through the eyes of animals without any obvious reason and due to the ignorance of dairy farmer the cattle’s eye get affected with other diseases also. For its treatment add 1-2 teaspoon of boric acid in ½ litre of water and boil it. Cleaning the eyes with this water solution by soaking a piece of cotton in it gives relief.

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