Make your kitchen garden healthy and green

If there is a garden in your house then you will be familiar with this, how you can protect against insects in it. We are going to tell you some easy solutions that you can avoid by protecting your home garden pests and sucking pests such as Aphid, Mealy bug, Spider Mite etc.


If there is a termite in the soil of the garden, then prepare the pit before planting any plant and allow sunlight for a few days. Then mix 1-2 fist of neem cake in a compost mixture powder and fill the pit and then plant the seedlings. This controls the termite.

Leaf eating caterpillar

If you see some leaves bitten in the garden, then caterpillar is also seen on the leaves. For its prevention garlic can be very beneficial. Add half a cup of garlic and mix it in half litre of water and keep it as such for 1 or 2 hours. Then filter and fill in a spray bottle and spray on the plants. Neem is also very useful to control caterpillar. Keep an eye on garden so that any insect-disease can be detected in the early stages, the control can be done easily.

Sucking pests

Sucking pests is controlled by spraying Neem spray 2-3 times with an interval of 15 days on the plants. The spray prepared with neem leaves prove effective on insects.

Apart from this, you can take the following measures to keep your garden green:

•To keep the plants green, keep adding sufficient quantity of water time to time.
•If you see pests on the leaves of plants, remove them from the hand and pour water on the leaves.
•Put neem leaves in water and keep it for 24 hours, then after every 2 days sprinkle it on plants.
•Plants need proper sunlight, so try to give them sunlight timely.
•Remove colourless leaves by hand.
•Put black pepper powder on the root of the plants to keep insects away.
•You can also paste fake butterflies in your garden to scare insects.

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