Neem cake – A definitive solution for nematodes

What is Nematode?

Nematode is a very fine thread like a worm that lives in the soil. There are many types of nematodes and its every variety is famous for damaging the crop. It can be buried in the soil for many years and damages the plants. It sucks the juice of the root of the plant, due to which the plants do not get plenty of fertilizers, water or nutrients from the soil and the growth of the plants stops. Nodes are formed in the roots of plants with the attack of Nematode, which stops the plant growth and ultimately the plant die. It attacks almost every crop and spreads many kinds of diseases such as nodes formation in the roots, wilt disease in lemon, root rotting, root bloating etc. are major.

Crops affected by Nematode

The crops which affected by nematode are wheat, tomato, brinjal, okra, pointed gourd, rice and fruits for example pomegranate, lemon, kinnow, grapes etc.

What is their identity?

If the crop is not growing and the crop is drying and the nodes are forming in the roots of the plants, then there is a Nematode attack is in the crop.

Organic solution

The chemicals sprinkled in the soil for their prevention are not only expensive but they also have less effect. For prevention of nematodes and termites, organic solution is very important for which you can use neem cake. For the usage Neem cake should not have oil. The use of neem cake stops producing nematodes and by its use increases crop yield by 40 percent.


In summer before sowing of crops, thoroughly plough the field and leave it for one week. Before ploughing, add Neem@10 Quintal per acre, this will help to protect the crop from Nematode attack. Along with this before sowing of fruits like pomegranate, Lemon, Kinnow, grapes etc. add neem cake and FYM in the soil. If the plants are already planted then apply neem fertilizers according to the age of the plant. Put one to two years old plant @1 kg and 3-5 years old plant @2-3 kg neem cake per plant in the roots of the plant. Apart from this it can also be given through drip method to the plants.

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