Which pet animals eat their children as soon as they are born?

Some of you people will definitely be thinking about rabbit farming or rearing. So, is this a profitable venture or not? Today, we will share some information about rabbits, which you have never heard about. Many people like to keep rabbit as pets and some people also rear them for business purpose.
Under both the circumstances, you should know these things for rabbit rearing so that your work will becomes easy.

• When a rabbit is born, then their whole body is covered with hair. They start walking after sometime of their birth. For a few days after birth, they prefer to remain in their burrow.

rabbit en

• Female rabbits can begin reproduction within a short period of 5 months and their gestation period is up to 30 days.

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• During the life of a female rabbit, she can have 800 children, grandchildren and grand- grandchildren.

• Rabbits also become very bored just like human beings, so they must have some toy or something to play.

• Male rabbits are ready for the reproduction process within 6-7 months.

• Rabbits mostly sleep during the day. They often sleep by keeping their eyes open, it is difficult to recognize when they are sleeping. Stagnation starts when rabbits are sleeping and their noses do not move.

• Some rabbits close their eyes while sleeping and look like they are dead, it can be quite scary sometimes.

rabbit en2

• Rabbit life span lasts for 8-12 years.

• The rabbit does not have the ability to vomit, so it is good to only feed them healthy, fresh suitable food such as green grass and vegetables.

• They cannot cough too, so their hair should be brush regularly so that their hair does not become the cause cough.

• Rabbits put pressure on their feet to signify danger and they hit their feet on the ground, it happens only if they feel any danger around them.

In this part of today we have shared some parts of the rabbit’s behavior with you. In the next part, we will tell you:
Why are rabbits teeth so long?
Do rabbits eat their own feces?
Does the rabbit eat their children? If yes then why?

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