Know amazing benefits of nutrient rich guava and its leaves

In today’s era, science has made a major progress and every fruit is available in every season. But, eating the right fruit in the right season, increases its taste to many times. Today we are going to talk about one of the special fruits of the winter season, which is known by many names like guava, amrud or jam. Yes, this light green color fruit has many properties in itself, it is a high source of vitamin C. Its best feature is that it available at affordable prices. That is why it is also called “apple for the poor” and you will be surprised to know that along with guava, its leaves are also beneficial in preventing many diseases.

So let’s discover the benefits of guava fruit.

• Beneficial for eyes: If you are suffering from glaucoma, swelling or dryness in your eyes, then believe that guava is beneficial for you, because guava is rich in vitamins A, which is very beneficial for your eyes.

• Good source of Vitamin C: Do you know that guava has four-times more vitamin C than oranges. In this way vitamins present in guava increases immunity of the body and it is also helpful in fighting cancer.

• Help in weight loss – Nowadays, weight gain has become the biggest problem. Proteins and vitamins in guava are present in rich quantity. By regular consumption of guava, Cholesterol can be kept in control. In this way, if you include this fruit in your daily diet, then it will help you in reducing the body weight.

• Beneficial for Diabetic Patients – Guava is very beneficial for those who have diabetes. Fiber present in guava helps in increasing insulin in the body, due to which the amount of sugar gets digested in the body by itself. Guava is very beneficial for Type 2 diabetes patients. Such patients must eat at least 2 guavas daily.

Guava leaves are also very beneficial, some of its uses are given below:

• The leaves of guava prevents formation of sugar from starch in the body, which does not increase body weight. To reduce your weight, you can take a spoon of guava leaves powder with water.

• Guava leaves juice leaves reduces cholesterol levels in the body and prevents from many diseases.

• If you have pain in the teeth or gums, then make a paste of guava leaves and apply it on your teeth and gums, it will give you relief.

• If you have pimples on your face, then by applying paste of guava leaves on your face will benefit you.
Many people love guava juice and it has many advantages. Here we are going to tell you the recipe to make delicious Guava juice.

Important ingredients for making guava juice

• 2 Guava of normal size
• A small piece of ginger
• Pods of black pepper (4-5)
• Lemon Juice (2-3 Spoons)
• Black Salt (according to taste)
• Half Glass Water

Essential ingredients for making guava juice

Recipe of Guava Juice

For making guava juice, grind all the above given ingredients and mix lemon juice in it. Finally, filter the juice with a strainer. Your guava juice is ready. Without adding water, you can make paste of it and store it in the fridge for 2-3 days and use it if needed. By reading so many benefits of guava, you may have understood that it is not only about its taste, but also a mine of nutritive properties.

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