Contribution of friendly fungus in management of pests

The results of excessive use of chemical pesticides are seen nowadays. Farmers are now realizing that chemical pesticides are ineffective on pests. Therefore, farmers are now understanding that following natural ways for agriculture is the only way to reduce the problem.

In pest management, fungus plays an important role. In today’s time friendly fungus is available easily in markets. The farmers use this fungus easily on crops by purchasing it from the market.

1. Beauveria bassiana: It is present in nature which is white in color and is used to manage caterpillar (such as hairy caterpillar, sucking pest, wooly aphid, white fly and spider mite etc.) present on fruits and vegetables of Lepidoptera family. It helps to manage the pest in pupa stage.

By coming in contact with pests, the spores of fungus enter through the skin of the pest and increase themselves in numbers, with this effect the pest gets paralyzed and ultimately die. The dead pest converts into white color mummy. It is found in markets by the name of bio-rin, Larvo seal, Daman and Anmol boss.

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2. Metarhizium anisopliae: It is a very useful fungus, which is used against termites, grass hopper, plant hopper, wooly aphid, bug and beetle etc. The spores of this fungus germinate on pest in moisture and enter into pest through their skin. The fungus grows into the skin of the pest. It eats the body of the pest and when the pest die, white color fungus is seen on the joints which turns later into green color.

How to use: Friendly fungus @750gm along with sticker agent is mixed in 200 ltr water for one acre land and then it is sprayed in morning and evening time.

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3. Entomo-pathogenic Nematode-E-P-N: Some breeds of E-P-N destroy the pests by becoming parasitic.

Nematode D.D.136 is used to protect pest present in sugarcane, rice and other fruit trees.


4. Verticillium lecanii: It is a fungus which destroys the pests. It also works similar on nematodes. It manages the aphid, scale pest, thrips, red spider etc. It also manages the cyst nematode in soybean crop.

After the spores of this fungus sticks to the body of pest, it generates the enzyme which melts the skin of the pest and enter into their body. Slowly-slowly it sucks all the elements from the pest and makes them dead. It also grows outside the skin of pest and produces poisonous element which destroy the pest in 5-10 days.


How to use: Fungus powder@250-500gm is mixed in 200-500ltr water for per acre and then it is sprayed on lower sides of the leaves. Spraying is done in evening or early morning time.

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