Learn miraculous benefits of carrots

Among the food items, carrots is one of the very nutritious and healthy vegetable, which you can consume it in raw form or by making juice of it. You can eat it raw in the form of salad. It effectively affects the skin and make it beautiful and attractive.

Let’s learn some of the best benefits of carrot-

• Strong bones: Regular consumption of carrots increases the amount of calcium in the body and your body absorbs the calcium provided in this way. Those who have problems related to bones, they must eat carrots in their diet.

• Good for eyes: Carrots are very beneficial for the eyes. Carrot are the source of Vitamin A. Regular consumption of carrots increases the eyesight. Moreover, the people who wear spectacles, they can also get rid of it.

• Helps in Constipation problem: Carrot has fiber in rich amount which helps in cleansing the intestines. By consuming it, intestine gets clear and stool passes easily. To avoid the problem of constipation, the carrot should be consumed by chewing it.

• Shiny Skin: Due to the lack of vitamin A, skin and nails become dry. But by consuming carrots, vitamin A present in it helps in dealing with dry skin problem and make the skin shiny. Also, elements such as antioxidants, vitamins A and C, present in carrots, protect skin from damage caused by sun rays.
You can use carrots as a vegetable. Make carrot juice and drink and can also make carrot pudding, which is a famous Indian dish made in winter.

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