Precautions to be used while using insecticides

While using insecticides if precautions are not taken then it will be harmful. These insecticides are poisonous due to which it can lead to severe illness as well as it can be dangerous to life if not used in proper amount.

• Open the pesticide box in open air and by keeping away from mouth.
• Use proper dosage of the pesticides as recommended and use only original or recommended pesticides. Before use get an advice from the Dr. /agricultural expert.
• Do not mix herbicides, fungicides and insecticides with each other without any recommendation.
• Before spraying check the direction of air and while spraying cover the mouth with cloth and wear gloves.
• Do not use the empty utensils or boxes of pesticides for home purposes.
• Keep herbicides, fungicides and insecticides away from the children.
• Do not touch the spray pump nozzles with mouth.
• After spraying of pesticides, drink lemon water to reduce the effect of pesticide which gets enter in the body during spraying.

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