How to save diesel in tractors

•  Whenever you stop, shut down the engine. Not switching off the engine without any work waste about one litre diesel per hour.

• Check fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel injector and fuel lines, for any leakage. Even a single drop leakage with the speed of per second can lead to wastage of 2000 litre diesel per year.

• There is a lot of fuel consumption in those tractors which makes more smoke pollution and it needs to be thoroughly examined. Check the nozzles and re-examine the fuel injection pump.

• Sliding wheels waste the Diesel more. To minimize wheel slippery, add extra weight of water or the right amount of weight.

• Relog tractor tires at the right time. Flattened and withered tires reduces the power of pulling.

• According to the horse power of the engine, use the equipment and reconcile it according to the speed of the tractor.

• Try to move tractor in straight long distances and avoid unnecessary moving the tractor, moving it in opposite direction or turning the tractor suddenly.

• Do proper maintenance of tractor.

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