How to control weeds

Weeds such as Phalaris minor, wild oats, wild spinach, bathuwa, white senji, wild peas etc. do competition with wheat for the space, feed and sunlight. It will result in low yield and quality of crop.

• To control weeds in wheat, sowing should be done in end-October to first week of November month. It helps to decrease the Phalaris minor weed.

• Mainly weedicide spray should be done after 30-40 days of crop sowing i.e. after emergence of 2-4 leaves from weeds.

• Never decrease or increase the recommended amount of weedicide.

• Spraying of weedicide should be done by mixing 150-200 ltr in water.

• If already topic weedicide is used in the area, then next time alternative weedicide for e.g. Total should be used.

• If possible crops are grown in the rotation.

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