Tips for taking care of the pregnant cattle

It is important to have information about the diet of cattle. In addition to maintain a good health, cows/buffaloes need proper diet for the growth of calf in their stomach. If pregnant cattle are not fed properly, there are chances of weakness, low capacity of giving milk and weak calf. It can also affect the calf’s health; their disease resistance capacity can be minimal.

• If you are giving mustard oil to the animal during pregnancy, it should not be more than 100 grams.

• Cattle should not be affected by constipation 4-5 days before pregnancy.

• If the animals are in the open fence, separate them from the remaining cattle 15 days before delivery and keep them in clean germ-free area.

• Behave very gently with the animals and do not allow them to run or to go to the high places.

• In the last month of pregnancy, pat the animals back with your hands for a few minutes every day, so that they will be habitual and will allow you to touch them after pregnancy.

• By doing this, milking the cattle will be easy after delivery.

• Check the animal 5-7 times a day when they are near delivery.

• Animals should also be fed with 50-60 grams of nutritious feed (dhatan da chura) and 20-30 grams of salt every day.

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