protect milch animals

Things to be done to protect milch animals from the summer heat

As you know, the summer season is going to take special care of the milch cattle in the summer season. Today we talk about the things you do to protect the milch cattle from heat.
1. High temperature in summer decreases the diet of the cattle, therefore it is recommended to increase protein in their diet by using feed rich in oil-seeds.
2. If you see any symptoms of Oestrus in milch animals, within 12 to 18 hours go for artificial insemination or natural breeding through male cattle.
3. Take proper care of young calves and without waiting for afterbirth process, within 1-2 hours of birth give thick milk of cow/buffalo to the calf.

4. Spray 5% Malathion in the area where cattle stay in order to protect them and their fodder from fleas.
5. Give vaccination after every 6 months to protect cattle from mouth hoof disease and keep a record of vaccinations given.
6. Avoid giving too much or wheat or grain in fodder as it can be dangerous for their health.

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