method of preparation

Important ingredients for tonic preparation(Saptdhanyankur)

Saptdhanyankur Energizing Medicinal Tonic – This Magic Potion Enhances the Size, Weight & Taste of Crops.

By using it you can observe great shine on grains, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Size, weight and taste also get enhance.

Important ingredients for tonic preparation

Sesame Seeds- 100 gm; Mung Green Grams – 100 gm; Mash – 100 gm; Cow Pea- 100 gm; Wheat Grain- 100 gm; Masur/Lentil- 100 gm; Desi Black Chickpeas – 100 gm; Water – 200 lt; Cow Urine – 10 lt

Recipe for making

Dip sesame seeds (Priority to black sesame seeds) in appropriate water in a bowl and keep it inside the house.

Next day in morning, mix seeds of sesame, mung green gram, mash, cow pea, wheat grain, desi black chickpeas in a bigger bowl, soak them in appropriate water and keep it inside the home. After 24 hours, take out the sprouted seeds from water, tie it in cloth in a bundle and hang it.

When all the seeds are sprouted approximately up to 1 cm, then grind all the seeds and make paste of it by using mortar and pestle. Keep the water in which all the seeds were soaked.

Now mix cow urine, seeds soaked water, and grinded paste in 200 lt water in a drum, mix it by using a wooden stick and after filtering it with a cloth, spray it within 48 hours in this way.

Crop grains should be in milky stage

Fruits and legumes should be in their young stage

At the time of flower development

5 Days before harvesting the vegetables sprinkle this tonic

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