Garam Masala has been a very important and necessary spice of Indian kitchen since ancient times. Earlier when there were no mixer grinders or any electronic device, our grandmother used to prepare it with the help of mortar.
If we talk about the ingredients of Garam Masala, than its recipe differs according to the place and availability of ingredients. According to Ayurveda, the Garam masala is a traditional Hindu therapeutic masala that balances the specific demand of our body. It gives the right amount of heat for the right metabolism of our body, but as we know it contains hot ingredients, hence it should be used in correct amount.

Benefits of Garam Masala

• It increases the body immunity
• It helps us to fight the diseases
• It helps in weight loss
• It helps in proper blood circulation in the body
• It helps in gas problem
• It helps in disinfecting the body
These were some of the benefits of Garam Masala, but do you know that without this garam masala, some of the most popular recipes of India like chicken curry, chana masala, egg curry would be incomplete. Although, garam masal is easily available in the market, but keeping in mind its purity, many families prefer to prepare this masala at home. The fragrance and flavor of the freshly prepared garam masala is much-much better as compared to the artificial garam masala available in the market. So, learn here how to prepare garam masala at home.

Important Ingredients

• Black pepper – 25 grams (4 tablespoons)
• Cloves – 10 grams (2 tablespoons)
• Big Cardamom – 25 gm (4 tablespoons)
• Cumin – 20 grams (3 table spoons)
• Cinnamon – 10 grams (10-12 pieces)
• Cinnamon tamala leaves- 3-4
• Nutmeg – 2


• Clean all the spices properly
• Keep a heavy-bottomed iron pan on the gas and switch on the flame.
• Once the pan becomes hot, then add all the spices in it except nutmegs in the pan and roast for 2 minutes on low flame
• Spices will start spreading its fragrance, switch of the flame and take out the spices in a plate and let it cool down.
• In the end add nutmegs in it and grind it in the mixer grinder finely and use a sieve to separate the big lumps, your garam masala is ready.
• Store this garam masala in an air tight container. You can use this spice mix up-to six months.

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