Sprout pulses at home and get healthy

Sprouts of grains and pulses are considered as a very nutritious diet because after the grain/pulse are sprouted, the ratio of nutrients increases even more. Nowadays, sprouts of different pulses and grains are easily available in the market, but you can also make it very easily at home.

Today we are going to share methods of sprouting pulse & grains-


Green moong dal, black chickpeas, white chickpeas (you can make sprouts of any of these)


• To make sprouts of pulses, put it in a big container after washing it properly and leave it full soaked in water for 10-12 hours.

• Next morning or when 10-12 hours have passed, wash the pulses and rinse it properly. After that tie the pulses in a thick cotton white cloth and put it in a warm place.

• Warm temperature plays a very important role, because in summers pulses sprout very easily and are ready to eat, whereas in winters they take more time in winters.

• After 8-10 hours pulses will be fully sprouted and ready to eat.

• You can make nutritious and delicious salad, sandwich and other recipes from sprouted pulses and give your family a healthy and tasty diet.

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