SRI Technique – An Agro-Ecological Methodology to Increase Rice Yield

SRI Technique

What is SRI technique?

SRI technique which is also known as System of Rice Infestation is an agro-ecological methodology which helps in increasing yield of the irrigated rice by changing the management of plants, water, soil and nutrients. This saves water up-to 20-40%.

Advantages of SRI technique:

• Less seed (2 kg/acre)

• Less manure (25-30%)

• No pesticides

• No insecticides

• Saves water up-to 20-40%

• More yield

Key points of SRI technique:

• Less seed (2 kg/acre)

• Seedlings on bed

• For transplanting use small age seedling (10-12 days)

• Similar and more distance between plants (for rice 10 X 10 inch and for Basmati 8 X 8 inch)

• 3 weed control

• Watering at the time of weeding or when needed.

• Instead of adding manure 1 or 2 times, add small amount in intervals.

Way of SRI technique:

Selection of seeds and treatment:

Use PAU recommended varieties. In 10 ltr water mix 2 kg salt slowly and then dip the egg or potato in the water and check whether it will sink or float. If it sinks then stop adding salt in the water. Before sowing sink the seed in the salty water and after that treat the seeds with chemical or organic technique (For organic use Jeev-amrit).

Land preparation and seedling sowing:

Germinate the treated seeds by covering them with sack or stubble. Make beds with dimensions having 8 X 3 foot and 6-7 inch tall. For 1 acre land make 5 beds. Between 2 beds make 1 feet wide furrow. Layout sack, stubble or plastic sheet over the bed. On the top of this add 1 inch soil which contains FYM/vermi compost/ jeev-amrit. Spread germinated seeds in this layer and then mix it with hand. After that cover the beds with stubble/sack/ plastic sheet and spray water on it. Spraying of water should be done continuously for 2-3 days. On third day leave water on furrows (water should not come over bed).

Seedling transplanting:

Before transplanting bring the soil to fine tilth. Before 1 day of transplanting drain out excess water from the field. Transplanting of seedlings should be done at the distance of 10 X 10 inch (for Basmati variety, use 8 X 8 inch dimension). Don’t water the plant after transplanting, if needed then give light irrigation after 2-3 days of transplanting.

Fertilizer, irrigation and weed control:

After 2-3 days of transplanting, add 10 kg urea in the field. After 10 days of planting, add the water to the fields so that one inch of water is raised in the field. In standing water do weeding on both sides. After water drying add second dose of urea@10 kg. After 10 days (after 20 days of transplanting), again watering and fertilizers should be added in same amount. Third irrigation should be done after 10 days (after 30 days of transplanting) and then last weeding should be done. At the time of panicle development, spraying of potash@1 kg in 100 ltr water should be done.

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