Starting pig farming with this breed can give great profit in return

Many farmers connected with Apni Kheti are questioning from past few days that how much profit can be earned from pig farming or they ask to share information related to pig farming. Therefore, today we are going to discuss about those best breeds which is reared by progressive pig farmers, which can be easily be sold in the market or can be processed in the form of product like pickles etc., and then sold in the market.
The Most reared and sustainable breed – “Large White Yorkshire”.

Right identification of this breed

It is a congenital breed of England. This breed’s mouth is slightly longer. Body is well and covered with white hair. The ears of this breed are raised up and the nose is of medium length. Skin is also without wrinkles. Weight of male child pig is 300-400 kg and the weight of female child pig is 230-320 kg.

How does this breed results in more profits?

They grow up very quickly and also produces meat in larger quantity. According to the successful pig farmer Daljinder Singh Gill, a female pig gives birth 2 – 2 ½ times in one year. During first pregnancy gives birth to 6-7 children and during second pregnancy it gives birth to 10-14 children. If you are rearing the pig for meat purpose.

If you are rearing pig for meat purpose, then a pig gains about about 1 quintal of weight in 7 to 8 months and is sold around Rs 100 per kg. And pregnant gilt can be sold at Rs 150-2 per kg. There is no problem in pig marketing as merchants themselves visit the farm to buy the pigs.

How does it results in continuous income?

Suppose if the gilt is impregnated today, then after 115 days she give birth to the babies. Then babies are given mother milk up to one month and then they are separated. When the pig’s children are separated, then after 5-7 days, she gets pregnant again. In this way the circle continues. It is important to note that this circle will continue to function properly if the feed given is good and healthy. If we did not feed them properly and kept feeding milk to the babies for 2 months and did not separate the children from the mother then the circle would get defective. Therefore, yes feed expenses comes more, but you can achieve the expected profit.

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