Things you should know while buying new rabbits

At present, there are 50 established and 90 different colorful varieties of rabbits present in the world. All breeds of rabbits are different due to their commercial properties of hair color, growth rate, adult weight etc. If you ever planned to do rabbit farming, then keep these things in mind.

• Be sure to record the ancestry of rabbits, its breeds and its production level, because at the time of further breeding this record is necessary.

• Rabbit should be in between 6-7 months to 1 year, because production age of rabbits is around 4-years-old.

• Check rabbit for disease, infection or genetic disabilities, so that all these problems can be prevented in the farm.

• Inbreeding is harmful for commercial rabbit farming, so keep this in mind when purchasing rabbits.

• Breeding record is most important, because it will have direct impact on the rabbits’ production capacity.

• Keep the newly purchased rabbits separate for about 1 week so that if they have any disease, then it can be detected.

• Do not breed the newly purchased rabbits for about a week. This gives time to get them into a new environment.

• If possible, buy rabbits from different places so that their breeds are different.

• Rabbits purchased should have pure breed in the beginning, later crossbreeding can be done.

• Start the rabbit business with some rabbits and gradually increase their numbers by reproduction. There are two benefits of this, first one – Rabbit farming farmer will have real experience and if there is any mistake, then it can be corrected. The second benefit is that initially costs will be low, there will be no financial problem.

• Take special care of rabbit’s comfort during transportation, because the resistance of the body tends to reduce causing stress, pneumonia and swelled intestines.

• While carrying the rabbits, take care of the availability of clean water for them and prefer green grass as their diet.

• The cage should be comfortable and airy for transportation. If not, rabbits can die.

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