animal milk

Suggestions for the dairy farmers, who extract milk with machines

If dairy farming is done on a large scale, then extracting milk with the help of machines saves time. Apart from this, many times while extracting milk with hands, the animal’s tail, dung, dust or hair may fall in the bucket but machine saves the milk from these things.

Before extracting the milk with machine, check the udder of the cow/buffaloes by extracting milk with hands. If you find anything wrong, then do it with hands only.

Apply machine’s teat cups after cleaning the udders properly and ensuring that the animal is ready for milk extraction.

When the milk is reduced in cluster then switch off the vacuum button and remove the cluster with hands. At the time of applying and clogging the cluster, ensure that there should be less air in the teat cup. So remove the cluster only after switching the vacuum button off.

Do not put the machine on the udders for too long or too less time. If the cluster is applied with right method then there should be only 250-300 ml remaining milk. If the milk is more, then whole milk is not extracted and if milk is less then, milk extraction is more than required.

If machine is kept for more than the required time. It can harm the udders of the animals and they can be swollen.

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