Tensiometer-Water saving instrument

It is a measuring instrument which gives the knowledge about the level of water in the land. By its use we can fix the time to irrigate the crops. By this method we can save minimum two irrigation in rice crop.

Method to use:

• Dip the tensiometer cup in bucket full of water overnight so that the level of water inside the pipe will be same as that of in bucket.

• Dig the pit 20 cm (8 inch) deep and wide according to the size of tensiometer cup at the selected place.

• Keep the tensiometer in dug pit and add soil and water (1:2) all around the plant and fill the pit with dry soil.

• Note the level of water in tensiometer in morning time.

• If water level is seen in the green band then there is no need of irrigation. But if water level is seen in end of green band or in yellow band then irrigation is required. Do not let the water level comes in red band in any situation.

• After irrigation is given, the water level in pipe will again get increased.

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