crop of garlic

Tips for Garlic Cultivation

1. The most suitable time for sowing garlic is from last week of September to the first week of October.

2. For sowing in one acre of land you need 225 to 250 kg healthy garlic cloves.

3. When sown in the field spacing of 15 cm between the rows and 7.5 cm between the plants is done.

4. If you are planning to cultivate garlic in a small area like kitchen garden then you can simply dibble the clove in the soil.

5. In case if you want to cultivate garlic for commercial purpose then you can follow “Kera Method”.

6. While sowing the cloves always put it at the depth of 3 to 5 cm of depth.

7. Garlic Sowing can also be done by manually operated garlic planter.

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