Learn how to reuse the used Tea Bag

We use Tea Bags daily. Green tea or black tea. But tea bags are wasted after making tea once and we throw it. But do you know that Tea bags can be beneficial even after making tea. Learn How to Reuse the Used Tea Bags.

Mix it in the soil of the plants pot: Do not throw the tea bag, mix them in the soil of plants in pots. This makes the soil fertile.

Natural Mouthwash: Soak green tea or peppermint tea bags in lukewarm water. Let it cool down at room temperature, and your homemade natural alcohol free mouthwash is ready.

Prevents bad odor coming from house: Most of the times we are troubled with the bad odor coming from the fridge, weeks are passed and we aren’t able to clean the fridge. In such a situation, it is obvious that fridge will smell very badly. But this problem can be easily solved with the help of tea bags. Put the used Tea Bags in the refrigerator.

Apart from this, if dried tea bags are kept in Ashtray or dustbin, then their stench also get fade away.

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