Precautions while checking pregnancy of cows/buffaloes

Normally, farmers become careless after insemination in cows/buffaloes and wait for the delivery after 9-10 months. But when the inseminated cow/buffalo does not give birth to a calf after a long time, sometimes it is found after medical examination that the cattle was not pregnant and in such a situation farmers suffer from loss. Therefore, after two to three months of insemination of milch animals, their pregnancy should be examined. Advantage of this is that they can be cured timely after examination. Keep these precautions while testing pregnancy of cows/buffaloes:

• Examine the milch animals only by a veterinary specialist.

• Milch cattle should be properly controlled while checking their pregnancy.

• Nails of the veterinary doctor’s hands should have cut while checking the pregnancy.

• Always apply lissapol on the arms while checking. Using soap can cause problems to animals.

• No cool injection is needed after checking pregnancy of animals.

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