Some of the most common behaviour observed in the farmer community of India are farmers committing suicide, farmers burdened with loan debt, farmers not satisfied with government schemes and planning, farmers blaming bad weather for crop failure, next generation of farmers showing disinterest in farming… and the list goes on.

Where the list of farmers’ grievances is not ending in our country, on the other hand, other countries have reached an advanced level of farming where everything is automized and in harmony with nature.

There is a very less percentage of farmers in India who have adopted the fact that modernisation is the only key which can lead them to success in the field of agriculture. And those few farmers have not only accepted the fact but has also implemented it and that is why they are known as the progressive and futuristic farmers.

In modernisation, technology plays the important role which not only makes the farmers independent and smart but also makes the farming activities cost-effective. Using technology doesn’t only means using big machinery, it means using information and modern practices in the best way.

From an analysis by the team of Apni Kheti, in a group of 10 farmers you will find a smartphone with around 7-8 farmers, and in a farmer family, at least one person has the smartphone with them.

There must be a question arising in your mind that how a smartphone can help you in your farming… Well, a smartphone is the strongest tool that farmer can use by sitting anywhere, anytime to make their farming productive.


Well, coming to the technology, Indian agricultural society has not reached that level where farmers are using moisture sensors, drones, self-driving GPS enabled tractors for farming, but yes we have reached up to some level where farmer can use technology productively…

So, how the technology can affect agriculture:

Better Decision Making: Various agricultural apps are available in India which provides the farmer right information at the right time, free of cost.

Community Involvement: Technology unites farmers from the different part of a country and this is how knowledge spreads and development takes place.

Better Planning: Technology provides information which enables you to decide crop according to the soil and climate. Technology also helps in estimating the right amount of nutrients needed by the soil which reduces the use of fertilizer and spray in huge quantity. Technology helps in overall planning in a most cost-effective way.

Technology Introduces New Technology: Today technology has advanced up to a level that you can grow crops without soil, harvest acres of orchards in a couple of hours, clean and grade tons of fruits within few minutes and much more… You don’t need a big investment to adopt these technologies, you just need a smart approach, some mechanisation, and a little money.

Global Platform for Promotion: By using technology farmer can elevate his business on the global level through digital marketing and website promotion.

Currently, technology is the necessity in agriculture and farmers has to understand this fact. Moreover, today being involved in agriculture activities is more lucrative than any other profession.

If we seek answers to the questions that who is responsible for the underdevelopment of agriculture sector in India, then the blame game is never going to stop. We all have to act responsibly, and rather than wasting time and efforts on counterproductive things, we should think futuristically.

This is the time in India, where we are satisfied with the count of good lawyers, skilled doctors, qualified teachers, and capable IT experts, but we still lack a good number of progressive farmers.

Just open your mind, because there are endless possibilities that technology can bring to agriculture.

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