moist balm

Treatment of every disease of plants- Neem Malham (Balm)

Plants get many diseases. Due to which there is great harm to the plants. Today we are going to tell you about the treatment of all diseases of the plant – about the procedure to make moist balm.

Method: Add 50 litres of water, 20 litre cow urine, 20 kg fresh cow dung of indigenous cow, 10 kg of neem chutney or nimboli (Neem Seed) powder and mix it well with wood. Keep 48 hours in shade. Mix 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening for 1 minute. Avoid contact with sun and rain. Leave for 48 hours.

How to use:

This ointment is to be applied on stem 4 times a year. Apply on the branches from where they start. Use 4 times a year at the following time:

• First week of May

• The last week of September or the first week of October

• From 21 December to 14 January

• From HOLI (Indian Festival) to next 14 days

Advantages: Neem is effective for controlling insects in plants like white flies, aphids; jacid etc.

It also protects crops from termites, Nematodes and other types of insects. The mixture of cow dung and urine is effective in the management of milli bug. Cow Urine is effective against aphid and leaf hoppers.

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