Reason due to which fully ripe wheat crop can catch fire and its prevention

1. Harvesting and Threshing of Unripe Wheat: Harvesting and Threshing of unripe wheat crop at times becomes the reason for the wheat catching fire. Due to being unripe, wheat at times get stuck in the shafts of the combine and due to rubbing with another part, there are changes of fire.

2. Cigarettes pose a risk to wheat crop: When the crop is totally dry, the crop can catch fire from burning cigarettes or cigarette buds. One should never smoke in the fields with ripe crops.

3. Sparks from electric transformers and wires: Wheat crop should be cut from those areas which have a transformer or electric poles in vicinity so that in case there is any sparking, the crop does not get damaged.

4. Sparks from the silencers of tractor or engine: The sparks from the silencer of tractor or engines can able lead to the crop catching fire. The mouth of the silencer should always be kept upwards

5. Burning the straw of wheat: At times after harvesting wheat and making straw for animals, farmers burn the remaining straw. Sometimes this fire becomes uncontrollable and burns the fully ripe crops nearby.

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