Try these home remedies to get soft skin in winter

Winters have started, and the problem that most of the people faced in winter, is that the skin is dry.
The problem of dry skin is usually seen in the winter season. Winter months bring harsh, cold winds that irritate the delicate skin on our face and hands and make it dry. And due to this, you face itchy and dry skin problems. This can lead to many serious skin diseases and allergy and it also causes irritation.

Dry Skin Conditions
People already having dry skin have a bad effect due to the cold wind in the winter. Lack of water also makes the skin dry. It can also lead to problem of lack of shine and protein in the skin. Healthy eating habits and home remedies can help you get rid of this condition of the skin.

Reasons behind dry skin :

Vitamin C Deficiency : Lack of essential vitamins like A, C and E causes dry skin. You should eat those food items that contain high amounts of these vitamins.

Environment : During the freezing weather the skin goes dry and makes the skin dry. Use moisturizer for skin in winter.

Bathing with hot water : Due to bathing too long, the skin becomes shriveled. Some people have a habit of bathing 3-4 times a day and in winters they will definitely use hot water for it. But hot water absorbs moisture from the skin and makes it dry.

Staying in sun for long hours : The skin becomes dry after staying in the sun for too long and skin color becomes faded. The sun’s UV rays snatch the skin moisture.

Water Deficiency : Lack of water in the body also causes dry skin. So today we have brought for you some home remedies to help with dry skin, with the help of which you can save your skin from being dry in winter.

Aloe Vera : Aloe Vera is a wondrous plant which can be easily available in your kitchen garden. Take one leaf of aloe vera, take gel out of it and apply it on your face. Aloe Vera provides moisture to the skin naturally. Naturally extracted gel is more effective.

Oats : Grind oats a little thicker and add soda and vanilla in it. Add little warm water to make a paste of it. Apply this paste on your face and give a light massage. Keep it for one minute and after that remove it.

Curd : People have been using yogurt for making their skin and face soft and beautiful for years. For dry skin yoghurt is an amazing treatment. Add 1 spoon yoghurt, 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey and mix it properly. Apply the mixture on your face and wash it after some time.

Olive Oil : Nowadays people use olive oil for cooking. But it can also be used on face skin. Take olive oil in adequate quantity and use it on your face and body. Massage it until it reaches the skin in your skin.
Other than this, do not let water shortage in your body. Yes, it is not possible to drink much water in winters, but in place of water you can eat fruits like kinnow, orange, apple, guava and pomegranate. These fruits balances the need of water in your body.

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