In this way, elderly people used to identify the milk giving cattle

Generally when the farmer buys cattle, at that time they should check whether the animal is in her proper milking period or not. Many merchants sell their cattle by fooling the naïve and innocent farmers. But if you take care of some common things, then this type of cheating and fraud situation can be avoided. For experienced and adept dairy farmer, may be this information is not new, but for the new dairy farmers this information is very useful.

1. Longer the distance between all the four teats, more will be the milk yield of the animal, therefore the distance between the teats should be same and more.

2. Always buy the cattle after milking it, and if possible try to milk the cattle three times a day to estimate the right milking capacity of the cattle, and while milking the cattle all the milk jets from the teats should fall straight in the bucket which means milk jet should not spread while milking the cattle.

3. Try to bend the tail of the cattle backward in up direction, if it is bended easily with flexibility then the cattle has good milking capacity.

4. Body mass index of the cattle should be good, more the length, breadth and height, more will be the blood circulation in the body and more will be the milk yielding capacity of the cattle.

5. Pay special attention to the udder of the animal, if the udder is extended to the navel from one end and vagina from the back end, then it should be in a semicircle like a moon.

6. Shoulder of pregnant cattle should be connected from the chest in a similar way, legs should be strong and backbone should be straight length, because cattle with the hump lacks calcium, phosphorus or magnesium, avoid purchasing these types of cattle.

7. If you want to check the width of the cattle, then it should be less broad from the front and much broader from the back then it will have good milk yielding capacity.

8. While making the cattle walk check that hoof of back legs are coming on the mark of front leg hoofs; check the neck and the lower jaw properly for stretch marks, if you notice the stretch marks then don’t buy this type cattle.

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