Surprising benefits of Giloy or Moon Seed

Giloy leaves are in heart shaped. Giloy is so beneficial for us that it is also known as Amrita in Hindi. Its leaves contain calcium, protein, phosphorus and starch is found in its stem.

Find out here health benefits of Giloy.

• Giloy enhances the body’s immune system and also prevents anaemia in the body. Taking Giloy juice in the morning and evening with honey helps in managing anaemia effectively.

• Consumption of Giloy not only cures eye disease but also improves eyesight. Mix Giloy juice with amla juice and drink it daily.

• Giloy also helps in reducing obesity. To reduce obesity, taking Giloy and Triphala powder with honey in the morning and evening.

• If there are spots and marks on the face, then grind the fruit of Giloy and apply its paste on the face. Due to antibacterial properties, it prevents all skin infections.

• Giloy consumption is very beneficial during jaundice disease. By taking one spoon Giloy powder, one spoon black pepper or Triphala powder after mixing it honey, helps in recovering from jaundice very soon.

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