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Keep these things in mind when buying animals

Generally when a farmer buys a cattle, many times the trader becomes a victim of fraud because there are so many ways in which the deprivation of animals is hidden, such as putting color on the teeth to hide the age of animals, etc. There are ways, but if some simple things are taken care of, then the deception that can be avoided can be avoided.

Buy cow / buffaloes always after milking, if possible, milk the cows three times so that you could find the right ability of the cattle to give milk.

Pay special attention to the animal’s udder, such that the cow’s udder is extended to the front of the navel and backwards. By seeing from the one side it should be in the circle like a moon.

There should not be any wounds on the teat and after milking the cattle, the udder should always shrink.

Cow’s / buffalo’s shoulder should be connected to the chest equally. Legs should be strong and backbone should be equally straightforward, because the animals having hump, may lack calcium, phosphorus or magnesium, so avoid buying such animals.

While making the animal walk, their back footsteps should come on the front footstep.

Carefully look the lower jaw on the neck of the animal, if you notice the marks of sole ulcer, then do not buy such animals.

Apart from this, other things like animal’s eyes are bright, smooth skin, and naturally occurring. These things can save you from fraud.

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