To know about Rice insect pests and their control

Pests in the paddy crop cause great harm to the crop. Today we are going to tell you about pesticides in paddy crop and some ways to prevent them.

Stemborers: The larvae of these insects bore into the stem and cause damage from July to October. The affected young plants show dead-hearts (yellowing and drying of central shoot) whereas the old ones produce empty earheads which turn white and stand erect.
Leaf Folder: The larvae fold the leaves, eat out the green tissue and produce whitestreaks.
Control: To control Stemborers and Leaf Folder, spray 560 ml Monocil 36 SL or 20 ml Fame 480 SC or 170 gm Mortar 75 SG in 100 litres of water per acre.

Plant Hoppers: These hoppers include, white backed plant-hopper and brownplanthopper. Both nymphs and adults of these pests suck the cell sap particularly from the leaf-sheath from July to October. This crop dries up in patches.
Grasshoppers: The adults and nymphs of grasshopper eat the leaves especially in nursery and in the field.
Control:To control Plant Hoppers and Grasshoppers, spray 40 ml Confidor 17.8 SL or 800 ml Ekalux 25 EC in 100 litres of water per acre.

Root Weevil: It’s white, legless grubs feed on roots in the soil from July to September. The attacked plants turn yellow, stunted and produce only a few tillers.
Control:To control Root Weevil, apply 3 kg Thimet/Foratox 10 G per acre in the standing water.

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