growing heifers

Do you know about the importance of growing heifers and weaning process in Dairy Business?

In fact, the job of a successful dairy starts with growing heifers. So, special care should be taken of the calves in first 6 months. The first 15-20 days of newborn calves are in high risk because 20-30% of calves fall sick this period. As the winter season is getting started, so now special care should be taken. Today, we are going to share information about growing heifers and the weaning process.

What is meant by the weaning of calves?

Weaning is the practice of separating calves from their source of milk.
It has many benefits such as:

This helps us to understand how much milk a cow or a buffalo gives.

Calves can be fed with enough amount of milk according to their weight and age. Otherwise, calves often drink more milk than they need and it causes diarrhea.

It reduces the difficulty of milking the cattle, after the death of calves.

Calves can be easily sold.

It reduces the total cost of bringing up the calves.

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