Conservation of the garden through organic/natural ways

• For the prevention of fungal diseases, spraying of 4 days older sour buttermilk which is placed in copper utensil and is mixed in 15 ltr water should be done.

• For the prevention of red beetle in gourd family, in 2 kg dung ash mix 20 ml kerosene oil and broadcast it in the fields in morning time.

• For the prevention from various pests, firstly mash 2 kg garlic, 1 kg ginger and 1 kg green chilies together and then mix it in 14 ltr water and then filter it with cloth. The solution is then sprayed on crops.

• To get rid from leaf curl disease, take 250 gm raw milk and mix it in 15 ltr water. The solution is then sprayed three times in a week.

• Cow dung is an effective growth promoter. 1 year old 3 cow dung cake is added in 10 ltr water and is placed in shade for 4 days and then spraying of 2 ltr cow dung cake water should be done by mixing in 15 ltr water. It will help to increase the crop growth.

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