Know about Quail Farming

Quail Farming is a beneficial occupation. Many farmers have started quail farming at many places, especially near cities. This is almost like poultry farming. We are going to share some important information related to Quail Farming.
1) Due to the small size of the bird, small place is enough to start this work. For example 1 square feet of space is required for 5-6 birds.
2) Dietary consumption is low, only 20-25 grams per bird daily.
3) Quail meat and eggs are full of Amino acids, vitamins and minerals etc.
4) A 5-week quail bird is ready for meat and starts giving eggs at 6-7 weeks.
5) Infectious diseases are less in quail than poultry. So, no vaccine is needed to prevent diseases.
6) The quail has the capacity to give birth to three to four generations each year.
7) Its meat is more nutritious than chicken. Within 30 to 40 days quail gets ready to give meat and its egg is sold for 5 Rs each.
Central Poultry Development Organization (Northern Region) provides training regarding Japanese quail and its farming.
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