Method for using and benefits of Green Manure

To increase the fertile strength of soil, procedure of plantation of green vegetation is cultivated in the same field or bringing it at a different place and mixing it in the soil is known as giving green manure.

Methods of using green manure

• Green manure grown in the same farm: The farm which is to be fertilized, in the same field, by cultivating crop and then bringing the soil to fine tilth with the help of soil tilting plough, green manuring is done. To prepare green manure by this method grow Sennai, Dhaincha, Guar, Mash and others crops like it.

• Green manure grown off the farm: When the crops are grown in other fields and used in another field as a green manure with the help of plough after cutting them off, this process plants, shrubs and leaves already grown in forest or any other places are also used to mix in the field.

Crops used for green manure includes Sennai, Dhaincha, Mash, Moth Bean, Sorghum, Cow Pea, Wild Indigo, Barseem and Senji etc.

Benefits from Green Manure

The amount of organic matter in the soil from green manure improves the physical condition.

Increase in Nitrogen from green manure is used by legume crops which are glands of the crop roots, which stabilizes the nitrogen. As a result, the amount of nitrogen increases. It has been estimated that using Dhaincha as a green manure saves 60 kg nitrogen per hectare and increases the physical chemical and biological properties of the soil, which is essential for sustainable farming.

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