Learn about diarrhea precautions and treatments in calves

Diarrhea is a main symptom of intestinal diseases. It can lead to the death of calves. There can be many reasons for this disease, such as dietary reasons, viral disease or germicidal disease etc. If there is blood and skin in animal excretion, then it can be a serious problem. Animal keepers should be aware of the general symptoms of this disease.

• Check the body temperature of animal. Is the temperature is more than 103° F and less than 98° F then this is a case of serious diarrhea.

• If you see symptoms of water deficiency in animal’s body. Transfuse blood in the animal with normal saline or ringer lactate bottle.

• If there is blood in animal excretion or the animal has fever, then use of antibiotic is must. Antibiotic should be given 2 times a day for 4-5 days.

• Reduce the milk to half for first 1-2 days. Feed the animal with normal salt and glucose mixed with water after every 2 hours.

• Give colostrum to the new born repeatedly in first 24 hours.

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