Learn how to do pest management in capsicum crop

Growing capsicum continuously for many years increases the probability of various types of pests and diseases. Aphid, White Fly, Tobacco Caterpillar, Fruit caterpillar, Fruit rot etc are some of the major diseases.

Organic ways to prevent pests:

Polythene Sheets: In order to protect the land from pests and diseases, cover the fields with polythene sheet for three weeks to prevent the soil from getting heating up.

Neem Extract: Sprinkle Neem extract slurry for juice sucking insects. This spraying should be done three times in 15-20 days of interval. This leads to preventing the juice sucking insects.

Neem Fruits: Use Neem Fruit, for that grind 5 kg Neem Fruit finely and make a bundle of it in a fine cloth and soak it in 10 litres of water. Prepare 100 liters of solution by mixing one kilogram cheap soap and suppressing neem fruit bundle to extract every single drop of it in the morning. It is used to reduce the outbreaks of juice sucking insects such as white fly and aphid like disease.

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