Termite Control

Organic Measures for Termite Control

For the prevention of termite, avoid using raw cow dung in the fields. Because raw cow dung is the favourite meal of termites.

For termite control, treat seed with Beauveria Bassiana Fungicide. Sow one kg of seeds with 20 gram Beauveria Bassiana fungicide.

Grind 2 kg of dry neem seeds and put them in one acre farm before sowing.

Put 30 kg neem cake per acre in the field before sowing.

1 kg of Beauveria Bassiana fungicide should be put in the field before sowing, after mixing it with 25 kilogram cow dung

Dissolve 1 kg of Beauveria Bassiana fungicide in water according to the need in an earthen pot, put a small hole in the bottom and use it for irrigation.

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