panting animals

Use this home remedy method for your panting animals

Summers has started and to save the animals from the summer heat, it is necessary to make favourable arrangements right now because increasing heat affects the milk yield.

Apart from this, one thing should be kept in mind that the animals should never come in direct contact with the heat wave because it reduces water amount in animal’s body and also reduces the milk yield. Moreover, when dairy farmers tie up their animals in the wall shade then this is also not the right way, because the wall too get heated in the summers and passes on heat wave which animals can feel, and this becomes a very difficult situation for the animals who cannot speak.

And those who have HF cows should take care of this thing properly, because panting is very common in HF cows and they also feels the heat more.

So if your cows also do the panting in summer then you should use this useful home remedy method.

Important Ingredients

One white earthen pot

One grinded lump of jaggery

One kneaded lump flour

If panting is very common with your cows, then take one white earthen pot and fill it half with water. At night put one grinded lump of jaggery and one kneaded lump of flour. Keep this mixture for a night and in the morning mix it well. After mixing it well, let the cow drink this water first in the morning. Repeat this step 8-10 days and from this cow will stop panting.

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