organic mixture

Prepare the organic solution from Karanja leaves

This solution works as an insecticide which has no harm on environment. We can prepare this solution easily at home by using domestic things. This is very helpful in controlling insects and pests.

Necessary things:

1. 3-5 kg Karanja leaves

2. 3 kg Neem leaves

3. 1 kg castor oil

4. 10 ltr cow’s urine

5. 2 kg white Dhatura leaves

6. 50 gm Surf

Preparation method:

Boil the Karanja leaves, Neem leaves and Dhatura leaves by adding in 10 ltr cow’s urine. Boil till the cow’s urine will remain only 5 ltr. After boiling place them to cool. Then filter the solution and mix castor oil @1 ltr and Surf@50 gm. This mixture can be used for 6 months.

Method of use:

Mix the 150 ml solution in 16 ltr water and then used it for spraying on branches and roots as required.

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