Tips to identify healthy animals

In order to take care of the animals properly, it is important that the animal keepers should be aware of the animal diseases. The diseases can be properly identified by the doctor only, but if the farmer is personally careful about some activities, he can get the disease checked in time and can avoid any major damage. Difference between a healthy cattle and diseased cattle can be seen easily. Diseased animals look lazy and ears also seem to be loose.

Likewise, we are going to share some signs of healthy animals with you.

Healthy animal is always cautious, moves its ears again and again and also takes interest in nearby activities.

Healthy animals’ eyes are always bright.

Animals chew the cud till 6-8 hours after eating.

The animal’s nose remains wet and cool.

Animal’s skin remains smooth and shiny.

Animal poops 8-10 times, 15-20 kg in the day.

The animal’s body temperature remains around 100-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The respiratory process should be 10-30 breaths per minute.

There can be different symptoms for different diseases, so always visit a veterinary doctor in case of any disease.

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