How to protect grains stored in home from pests?

People often buy whole month ration together, and if the ration is not stored properly, then it starts smelling and it get worse with the time. At the same time, the germs begin to grow in which state they are not right to consume and thus it is very important to pay attention to cleanliness.

Biggest enemies of stored food grains
Weevil: Weevil is a kind of insect that makes a micro hole in the grain and makes it hollow.
Khapra beetle: This is the biggest enemy of the grains kept in store. Its babies feed on the inner side of the grain and harm them and then powder start coming out of the affected grain.

Don’t allow insects to reach the store room:
• Some insects reach homes through the eggs given on cereals, pulses or their beans. They can also reach the store room in the vehicle carrying carriage. Many pesticides reach the grain even from the old sacks and the cracks in the walls of the store room.

Before storing the grain in the store, dry it thoroughly in the sun. Keep in mind that never leave ration in a moisture area and never mix new grains in old grains.

• Place the grain in the steel containers. If there is rust in the container then paint it before placing grain in it. This will not result in moisture content.
• At present, plastic containers are suitable for keeping grains. Spread the charcoal at any place where the container is kept.
• Spread the smoke of celphos, celosia or phosphorescence in the store room so that the insects will run away.
• If you are using old sacks then immerse them in malathion solution for 10 minutes and then dry and use it. The grain sack should always be kept away from the walls.
• Do not open the store room again and again, but check the grain every after 15 days.
• Do not let the dirt and filth get dumped around the store room. Keep the windows of the store room closed so that the mice cannot enter it.

Protecting the grains from the pest becomes a challenge, but you do not worry. You can keep the grains in your house safe thorough the things already present in the house, so today we have brought for you some home remedies to keep the food safe in the house:

Neem leaves: To store rice, dry the neem leaves in the shade. Then place the leaves in the container first, then fill the rice over them and neem leaves over the rice. This reduces the chances of pests in the rice and if there are insects, then they will die by consuming these leaves.
Mustard oil: Before storing the dal for 2-3 months, mustard oil should be applied. After that, dry it in the sun and then fill it in the container. After applying mustard oil on rajma, chickpeas and drying it in the sun, and then filling it in the container also prevents insects like weevil.
Onions: Onions can be mixed in it to keep wheat safe. Half kg onion in a quintal wheat, by following this ratio mix onion. First put the onions in the bottom of the container and then put it the middle and then at the top. This will prevent the insects.
Neem Berries: In 100 kg of chickpeas add 1kg of neem berries, by following this ratio you can protect chickpeas from insects. Other than this, if you want to protect the flour and rice from pests, put dry red chilies or whole salt tied in the cotton cloth in the container.

So these were the home remedies to protect the grains kept in the house from insects. If you want to know about other home remedies, then just follow Apni Kheti Facebook page.

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