Tulsi, a Miracle Plant

Do you know that the Nature has provided us solution for many health related problems very easily. We can take the advantages of these medicinal plants by growing them near our homes or in kitchen garden. You do not need to pay any special attention to these plants. Some medicinal plants such as Tulsi, Aloe vera, marigold, parsley, fenugreek, Ashwagandha, stevia, mint, lemon grass etc. Today, we will learn about some benefits of Tulsi plant.
• Drinking Tulsi tea daily prevents us from diseases.
• Tulsi helps in preventing bacterial infection. By applying the grinned paste of tulsi on face helps in curing acne.
• Tulsi has the ability to control the level of blood glucose; hence it is a boon for diabetics, diabetes can be cured by eating Tulsi leaves daily.
• According to a research, it has been found that Tulsi has phytochemicals which helps preventing lung, liver, and skin cancer.
• If someone has fever, boil some Tulsi leaves and ginger with water and give to the person, because Tulsi leaves contain antibiotics that protect us from bacteria and viruses.
• It keeps our bones and skin healthy.
• Tulsi saves us from dental diseases; it is helpful in curing headaches and also beneficial for our eyes.
• You can get rid of many health problems, just plant tulsi in your kitchen garden or near your house and start taking its advantages.

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